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Benefits of Outsourcing Office Work for Service Companies

Benefits of Outsourcing Office Work for Service Companies

Running a service company is no easy task, especially if you're in the early stages of business growth. If you're doing the work yourself, or even supervising it, you're going to spend a lot of time away from the office. If you’re like most service companies you started your business because you’re an expert at your trade not to do office work. As your business grows so does the need for more and more paperwork. Everything from estimates, to invoices, to payroll can get overwhelming especially if you’re in the field all day.

Outsourcing as a Solution

Hiring a company to assist with the office duties is an increasingly popular alternative with tradespeople like carpenters, electricians, roofers, plumbers and landscapers who need to spend time in the field overseeing the actual work. As a service company, your future depends on doing quality work while ensuring all of your paperwork is done properly and efficiently.

If you share any of these typically frustrations it may be time hire a company to handle them.

· You have worked in the field all day and have to come home to do paperwork but your just too tired or want to spend time with your family instead of in front of a computer.

· You try to have your wife do the books and between the business and all the other stresses of life it effects your relationship.

· You have trouble collecting money from clients because you haven’t billed or billed incorrectly.

· Your company loses money because change orders are not billed timely and then clients dispute the charges.

· You’ve tried to hire office help but don’t have an office for them to work in so they work from home and don’t provide the service you need.

· You have office staff but they are not efficient, don’t have the skills needed to provide proper support to you as the business owner.

· You lose jobs because you don’t have time to write up the estimates.

· If you added 10 hours to your day you still wouldn’t have enough time to get everything done.

· You don’t get contracts signed by clients, don’t send insurance certificates and not following the rules and regulations of the Consumer Fraud Act.

Benefits of Outsourcing

· No Hiring, Firing or Training- when you hire a company to handle your office & bookkeeping work you can concentrate on your business, getting new clients and making money. Gone are the days of placing ads, interviewing, hiring, training and terminating non-performing employees. Outsourcing services can get the office work done right, ultimately helping you save personnel costs and worries.

· There are no sick days or vacation days to worry about. As a small business you need reliability so you can keep your business moving no matter what.

· Save Money- the cost of renting office space, insurance cost, payroll, vacation days and training far exceeds the cost of outsourcing by up to 80%.

· Scalability- An outside provider can give your company more efficient results and a more stable, scalable, organizational structure. This could be a vital advantage over competitors.

· Solutions- A dependable outsourcing company has the resources and expertise in place to jump right into any new projects or workloads that you've suddenly acquired or that have been put off or neglected. Getting the books balanced or the files straightened out can take weeks or months if you or your staff can only devote sporadic efforts. However, if you entrust your problems to a reputable service company, they'll make sure it gets done.

Focus on what you do best, smaller business have limited resources and in most cases owners wear many hats. Outsourcing can shift your priorities from office support to providing the level of service that pleases customers and brings in revenue and profit. Look for a company that can help support your company for growth and profit.

Michael Bruno 

Small Business Consulting Group

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