8 Tips and a Questionnaire for a Successful Carpentry Business

8 Tips and a Questionnaire for a Successful Carpentry Business

Planning to start a carpentry business? Or simply in need of a strategy review? This list could be very useful in upping your game and securing your dream carpentry business.

1. Be in the loop on market trends in your location.

What does the housing market look like in your area?
What kinds of carpentry jobs have the highest demand?
What’s the typical profile of your target client base?

2. Pick and master your carpentry business specialty.

7 Cash-Draining Bookkeeping Mistakes

7 Cash-Draining Bookkeeping Mistakes

Are you digging a money pit with these bookkeeping mistakes? Cut these habits out of your system, and say hello to a healthy cash flow.
1. Falling Behind on Entries
Sure, putting out daily fires in your business is an urgent must. However, neglecting to keep your finances up to date in the books only leads to chaos in the long run.

Contractors and Service Businesses: Thrive Through Profit First

For contractors and service companies, maintaining a healthy cash flow can feel like a lofty goal when constantly bogged down with all sorts of delays, additional expenses, employee issues, and whatnot. With the help of Profit First Professionals, instead of keeping a “cash eater” business hanging by a thread, you can confidently run “money-making machines” that support growth and stability.

Profit and an Enjoyable Career

Profit fuels a healthy cash flow, which allows for various business processes to run at optimum level. This means that the overall performance of a company can be improved from top to bottom, because all departments can be funded to:

Establish efficient internal and external systems across all stakeholders
Hire highly skilled employees for each function
Satisfy employees with fair compensation and good management
Encourage employees to excel
Provide quality service to all clients
Attract even more quality employees, clients and investors
Improve company reputation and collective sense of achievement
Expand business ventures

Everybody wins.

House Flipping: Managing the Numbers

As she flipped through the channels on TV, a nice lady who owned a franchise of clothing stores felt like she had a light bulb moment. She felt inspired and decided to venture into house flipping. Let’s name her Susan. Susan opened up a bank account, borrowed money, and loaded it in.