Does Your Contracting Business Need Specialized Virtual Assistants?

Does Your Contracting Business Need Specialized Virtual Assistants?


Find out 5 simple reasons why you can reap maximum benefits from delegating different business functions to specialized virtual assistants.


Contractors know the abrasive hustle and bustle in running their businesses. There are always too many processes and tasks going on, left and right. Dealing with employee issues, delays, resource allocation, job site safety, subcontractor management, bidding and proposals – then paperwork and emails stack up, calls and appointments clash, records for financial reports mix up, and website visits go down as the time for blog posting gets pushed aside for months until it does absolutely nothing for your business.

You can change that.

Yes, there is a way to handle each business function, so you can stay focused on producing quality work. You know what our answer is – yes, we say virtual assistants can simply roll up their sleeves and take on your ever-demanding office needs.

Whether you’re a builder, plumber, electrician, painter, landscaper, roofer, house flipper, and so on… here are some straightforward reasons why this mode of outsourcing might be the most practical and obvious solution for you:


1. You’re not an office administrator.

Sure, you know how to pick up the phone, send an email, and put files in a folder. Maybe you’re not technologically challenged, but you do need that time to go on site, plan your project thoroughly, discuss and manage expectations with clients, attend to pressing issues, etcetera.

A virtual assistant can take care of your general administration needs without being distracted with everything else that comes with running an entire business. From the basics to the most crucial documents – all files will be organized in convenient cloud storage. Wherever they are, your job (and even life) calendars are managed from the tip of their fingers, calls are attended, and email correspondences are scheduled and sent accordingly.

Specialized virtual assistants for contractors know the business well enough to understand the different kinds of documents, certificates, requests and logs you need for each project, and can also help you acquire and review them.


2. You’re not a bookkeeper or accountant.

Bookkeeping for construction is critical for all contracting businesses. Mishandled records and wrong data entry will mess up your reports, which spells trouble for incoming and outgoing bills, budget allocation and financial planning, and even tax filing with the IRS. Needless to say, this can threaten your entire business.

Having a certified bookkeeper ensures that you won’t have these issues, and gives the peace of mind that your cash flow is being managed accordingly. Some virtual assistants are geared with proper bookkeeping certifications, and offer their services particularly to contractors. Because they cater specifically to the industry, they know and understand what numbers to keep track of (daily, monthly, quarterly or annually), and what each report means for your business.


3. You’re not an Internet-savvy marketing writer.

You probably have a Facebook or Instagram account. Maybe you have a million bright ideas to share with the world. Perhaps you have a good grasp of what to say, but not so much on how to say it. By how, we mean saying it in such a way that produces unique brand awareness, page visits, likes, shares, and social engagement to ultimately convert those leads into sales.

Some specialized virtual assistants offer their expertise in writing, editing, and managing digital content. They can research the topics you’d like to cover, suggest topics that could be interesting to your network, familiarize with the platforms used for online release, and work with your marketing team on the best posting strategies for your target audience.

Expert writers will have a knack for setting the tone in a professional yet relatable voice, and produce work that is free of distracting grammatical or syntax errors. More importantly, they can develop valuable content that produces higher SEO rankings, which means more leads generated through your website.


A couple more reasons why virtual assistants could be right for you:


4. You want to see your money’s worth.

Virtual assistants are usually paid by the hour or hour bundle. As they send you their output for the day or week, you can track how much they’ve done within the given number of hours. Since they work remotely, they only need to clock in the hours when they actually work. Unlike office-based assistants on regular salary, you don’t need to pay for the time they get stuck in traffic, or in lengthy office chatter. Virtual assistants are limited by the number of hours to do what needs to be done. Knowing that their time and performance are quantified together discourages wasted hours.


5. The hiring-and-firing process pains you.

Since it’s a virtual service, you never have to go through the ordeal of hiring and firing. Just click to subscribe, renew, change, or cancel your virtual assistant services. Yes, it’s that simple.


Founded by builder-remodeler Mike Bruno, Contractor Business Solutions offers specialized virtual assistant services that cater to the numerous daily needs of contractors. Understanding how the business works, and how to run it successfully for over 27 years and counting, Mike is inspired on a mission to help contractors improve overall productivity and achieve higher levels of business success.